Cluny – Fay sur Lignon

Itinerary, description of stages, practical informations, accomodation, GPS tracks from Cluny to Le Puy (in part by GR7 trail) on the way to Santiago.

Suivre les étoiles – D’Aix la Chapelle à Compostelle 

The book (in french) – Following the stars from Aachen to Santiago

Amazon Kindle shop – available on Apple IOS and Androïd

Suivre les étoiles

One night, Saint James appeared to the emperor Carlomagno and asked him to deliver his tomb from the Moors. To achieve this, he had to follow the stars,  the milky way until the western end of Spain, to Galicia. Carlomagno left Aachen and went until Santiago.

Yes, its a legend, but what a beautiful one ! Following the stars, going ahead each day further, slowly at the most natural pace. Walking the first way to Santiago. 3000 kilometers through Belgium, France and Spain.

I made my way, each day going further and I discovered the history, the legend of Compostella.

If you want, also to discover my way and this history, if you can read in French…this book is for you.

You will also find plenty of useful informations of some unknown parts of the way as Via Mosana,  GR654 (Namur-Vezelay), Vezelay-Cluny, Cluny-Le Puy, Conques-Toulouse or Toulouse-Le Somport through Saint-Bertrand de Comminges.

The book “Suivre les étoiles” available on Amazon. 2,99€ (with french VAT)/3,73$

Cluny to Fay sur Lignon

From Cluny to Le Puy, a way exists : Cluny-Le Puy . It’s going to Loire Valley. As I prefer hills and mountains, I choosed to walked in part on the GR76 and the GR7. These paths are often on the watershed. To the west, the landscape is heavily forested, mountainous environments. To the east, it’s a countryside with cultures and vineyards.

In some points, the views to the Alps are superbs.

Websites :

GR7 : at the website of the Comité Départemental de Randonnée Pédestre de Haute Loire, you can upload a PDF file with accomodations and supplies on the GR7 : GR7 from Tracol to Sainte Eulalie

Site de la Croisée des Chemins (Comité Départemental de Randonnée Pédestre de Haute-Loire)

From le Puy to Conques : a good guide to download with accommodation, tourist information … on the Tourist Office of Le Puy website : guide du Puy à Conques

Maps on the web :

France (maps of the Institut Géographique National) : with Applestore application : Iphigénie http://iphigé

GPS Track
GPS Track from Cluny to Le Puy and of all the hike (this GPS track has been remade after the hike)

35 Cluny – Cenves
32km Stage profile : I wanted to go up to the Roche de Solutré. So it’s longer than the usual way. By the way I walked, it’s 1000m of ascent – steep up just after Cluny, to go up to Solutré rock, up to Cenves forest and the last one to the village
8h45 Notes :Very beautiful stage, both natural and historical places. From Cluny, GR76 through Montmain cross until Berzé le Châtel. A part of the “Green way / Voie verte”. I passed by the chapel of the castle of Cluny’s monks. Then la Roche Vineuse, Vergisson, up to Solutré rock. Then to Grange du Bois pass and on the GR76A : orientation table of Rontécolon and Cenves
Logistics : shops in La Roche Vineuse. Beautiful gite in Cenves. Bar-restaurant in Cenves
36 Cenves – Saint Nizier d’Azergues
33km Stage profile : steep up after Beaujeu. 1000m of ascent for the day
9h Notes : From Cenves, trail straight to Siberia pass, Fontmartin pass, Vernebois cross, La Pépinière, Fût d’Avenas pass, Callet cross, le Mollard, la Grange du Milieu. From Beaujeu, GR76 until la Casse Froide pass. Down by direct trail to Claveisolles then direct to Saint Nizier d’Azergues
Logistique : all shops in Beaujeu. The gite in Saint Nizier has a bar, restaurant and grocery – wifi – very confortable
37 Saint Nizier d’Azergues – Saint Laurent d’Oingt
28km Profil de l’étape : it’s going up after Lamure sur Azergues (380m) until 870m at the top
8h Notes : Beautiful day especially on the ridge : views on the west side to vineyards, to Saone valley, Jura and Alps mountain and on the west side to forest and pastures. Beautiful village of Oingt. Up from Lamure through Le Vanel, Vers Bœuf, Saint Cyr le Chatoux. GR76 until Chatoux pass. Trail through “le saule d’Oingt” to reach Oingt.
Logistique : all shops in Lamure sur Azergues. Grocery in Oingt. Several gites in Saint Laurent d’Oingt
38 Saint Laurent d’Oingt – Saint Marcel l’Eclairé
23km Stage profile : finally 900m of ascent especially after Ternand and Pépy to go up to Tarare mountain
7h Notes : through Ternand then la Garde castle in order to shorten a detour of GR76
Logistique : small grocery with bred at Ternand bridge – everything in Tarare – gite in Saint Marcel – bar-restaurant in Saint Marcel
39 Saint Marcel l’Eclairé – Courzieu
26km Stage profile : nothing special after the last days. Only small hills
7h Notes : through Saint Forgeux, Saint Romain de Popey, Bibost, Bessenay
Logistique : bar in each of the 4 villages, bakery in Saint Forgeux, bakery-grocery in Saint Romain, all shops in Bessenay. Gite in Courzieu (Buissonière hamlet)
40 Courzieu – Saint Symphorien sur Coise
24km Stage profile : after Courzieu, it’s going from 380m to 860m of altitude
6h30 Notes : through Courzieu, Duerne et la Chapelle sur Coise
Logistics : in Courzieu and Duerne : bar, bakery and grocery. In Saint Symphorien sur Coise, Santiago gite (it’s on Lyon-Le Puy way) – 8,5€ for the night (contact the town hall). All shops in Saint Symphorien
41 Saint Symphorien/C – Saint Chamond (La Barollière)
27km Profil de l’étape : mostly going down but still 600m of ascent
6h15 Notes : Distance until la Barollière above Saint Chamond and using mostly roads (it was raining and trails were muddy)
Logistics : in Coise : bar-restaurant-grocery – in Saint Christo en Jarez : all shops – in Saint Chamond, Accomodation in Domaine de la Barollière (half-board 50€)
42 Saint Chamond (La Barollière) – Le Bessat
18km Stage profile : 1100m of regular ascent
5h15 Notes : Nice trail with beautiful views
Logistics : restaurant in la Croix du Planil et in la Jasserie – gites and shops in Le Bessat
43 Le Bessat – Les Setoux (Riotord)
24km Profil de l’étape : all the day between 1000m and 1300m of altitude . Around 400m of ascent
6h30 Notes : using the GR7 – throug Gimel peatery – GR65 to reach Les Setoux – nice views to the Alps and Massif Central. Les Setoux is on the Geneve-Le Puy way to Santiago. To go directly to Le Puy, follow the trail GR65 (information for the accomodation on this part on CDRP de Haute-Loire)
Logistics : restaurant in la République pass, in Tracol (open week-end days), in Les Setoux. Gite for pilgrims le Combalou in Les Setoux
44 Les Setoux (Riotord) – Devesset (the lake)
29km Stage profile : going through Le Grand Felletin it’s 300m of ascent otherwise smooth relief
8h Notes : great view to the Alps (when it’s not cloudy…) from the orientation table of Grand Felletin
Logistics : in Saint Bonnet le Froid : all shops but only a small grocery. In Devesset, grocery, bar, restaurant and gites
45 Devesset (the lake) – Fay sur Lignon
20km Stage profile : nothing difficult
4h15 notes : stage on a variant of GR7 which avoid Saint Agrève. All the day, superb views to Mont Mézenc and Gerbier des Joncs. Fay sur Lignon is on a way (marked) from Valence to Le Puy. You can reach Le Puy from Fay sur Ligon in two days. For my part, I’m following south for a detour to visit my family.
Logistics : in Fay sur Lignon, gite La Traverse in a typical house with stone walls

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