Crossing Italy

By foot, from the westernmost point of Sicilia to France : itinerary, description of stages, practical informations, accomodation, GPS tracks. In rural Italy, far from sea resorts and main turistic cities, most of the time in mountains, using parts of Sentiero Italia, pilgrims ways and my own ones. 2800 kilometers in Sicilia, Calabria, Basilicata, Campania, Lazio, Molise, Abruzzo, Umbria, Tuscany and Liguria.

The way to cross Italy by foot

To see detailed information for each region I crossed go the each specific pages

Starting in Egadi islands at the westernmost point, walking through Marettimo then Favignana islands. Then, to cross Sicilia, I followed Via Francigena in Sicilia and sometimes Sentiero Italia. I walked around 500 kilometers to cross Sicilia.

The Sentiero Italia was my “guideline” to go up through Calabria. It’s a wild way with lots of mountains. Again, I walked 500 kilometers to reach Basilicata.

Basilicata – Campania
Still on Sentiero Italia, after the short way through Basilicata, the relief will slightly become smoother to cross Campania (Naples region).

Molise – Lazio – Abruzzo
There’s an option with Via Francigena to reach Roma but crossing a city of 3 millions inhabitants doesn’t attract me. I followed parts of Sentiero Italia to cross Lazio (Roma region) walking partly in Molise and Abruzzo and finally joined Umbria on the the way of Saint Francis.

Umbria – Tuscany
Before entering in Umbria, there are different ways. Di qui passò Francesco (There, passed through saint Francis) is a way on the track of saint Francis of Assisi and Con le ali ai piedi (With wings at the feet) goes to saint Michel archangel sanctuary in Gargano peninsula.
I walked on the way of saint Francis to reach the Via Francigena in Bolsena and then crossing hilly Tuscany : Montepulciano, Sienne, San Gimignano…

Again two options : along the coast through Via della Costa or in mountains with Alta Via dei Monte Liguri. I stayed mostly by or near the coast and to avoid Genova, I walked in the mountains.

Useful informations

The paths

The Sentiero Italia is a project claimed to be the world longest trek. It should link Trieste to Mediterranean Sea through the Alps then cross all Italy through mountains, then Sicilia and finally Sardinia. For the moment, it seems to be only partly marked and the difficulty will be to join these parts…

The other way north to south through Italy is Via Francigena. The main branch goes from the Alps (Montgenevre, Montcenis and Grand Saint Bernard) to Roma. There’s a south branch from Roma to Monte Sant’Angelo in Gargano and Brindisi on the Adriatic sea.

There are also plenty pilgrims ways : Way of Assisi, of saint Francis, of saint Michel, of saint Benoit, of Santiago (Via della Costa in Liguria…)…You will find informations on the ones I used in each area sections.

There are national and regional parks all along Italy. There are paths in all of them. See italian parks website.


Except for Via Francigena (easy to find pilgrims accomodation at 10/15€ per night), you will find for each stage the solutions I found.

I often used the website It’s mostly for accomodation at around 30€ per night. It’s easy to search a place with the map and then to contact it directly.
I sometimes used my tent (wild camping, camping on Liguria coast…) and stayed few nights in huts.

Overall, I spent in average less than 25€ per night during those 3 months walking across Italy.

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